1929 – 2020


Our school’s motto “Fidelitas” translates to loyalty. This is what we strive to achieve through our school and learners: loyalty to God, loyalty to our school, loyalty to our community and loyalty to each other.


Sister Ambroshia 1929 - 1957

Sister Ambroshia, a catholic nun, started the school on 29 March 1929 in Rosemoor George with 35 learners. It was extremely poor and humble beginnings and the learners’ first desks were pumpkin boxes. It was a dream come true that took off in the middle of 1929 with merely two classrooms. We acknowledge the golden record of service to the community by Sister Ambroshia and those other missionaries and laymen who followed in her pioneering footsteps to build a school of learning through church life. Only a year after the opening of the school, an orphanage was completed. The first priest in charge at that time was Father John Kondor. Father Kondor could depend on the help of 5 Pallottine sisters who worked at St Mary’s Church for 21 years. Sister Ambroshia retired in 1957 and moved to Beaufort West in the Little Karoo .

Mr Karel Deelman 1958 - 1971

The second appointed principal in 1958 was Mr Karel Deelman. He retired in 1971. In his time as principal the school grew to 470 learners with 11 teachers.

Mr Vloris Kortje 1972 -1997

The third principal, Mr Vloris Kortje, was appointed in 1972. In his time the learner-enrolment was 720 learners with a teacher total of 21. Under his leadership more classrooms and a school library were added. The funding was mainly from overseas sponsors, especially from Germany, with the help of the Catholic Church.

Mr. Johannes joubert 1997- 1998

After Mr. Vloris Kortje retired in 1997 a new principal, Mr. Johannes Joubert, was appointed. Due to health reasons he retired at the end of December 1998.

Mr Goliath Munro 1999 - 2016

Our next principal, Mr Goliath Munro, was appointed from 1999 till 2016. At this time, the school had an enrolment of 900 learners. The total staff was 29 teachers.

Mr. Laurentius Muller 2019 - currently

Since January 2019, Mr. Laurentius Muller was appointed principal of St Mary’s RC Primary. At present we are 956 learners from grade R to grade 7 with a staff of 38 that includes 30 teachers and a non-teaching staff of 8.