Mr Laurentius Muller

We believe in team work and we are committed to the school’s motto “Fidelitas”

The choice of a place of learning is possibly one of the most important decisions any parent can make.  This decision will ultimately affect a learner’s ability to succeed in life.  Parents are thus urged to do research before enrolling their children at a specific school.

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School is an Afrikaans medium public school on private property with the values of Jesus Christ at the helm of all our school activities.  The school caters for learners from very diverse backgrounds and we welcome learners from every faith group.  As a full service school we subscribe to the Department of Basic Education’s vision of providing quality education to all learners, irrespective of their abilities.  We promote inclusivity, which would ultimately rubs off on the community and lead to an inclusive society.

At St. Mary’s we are striving to inculcate strong values in our learners.  We are committed to the Western Cape Education Department’s “Transform to Perform” strategy and believe that change starts with the self.  At our school learners are being encouraged to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.  We believe in team work and we are committed to the school’s motto “Fidelitas” (meaning fidelity, faithfulness, loyalty).  As a staff (teaching, as well as non-teaching) we are doing everything in our power to ensure effective education to our learners.

Our objective is to provide learners with the opportunity to fulfill their potential, so that one day they would be able to take their place in the world and be successful. 

Laurentius Muller